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Hey ^-^ I have a question... Can I use some of your gifs for my Instagram page? Of course i would write your name under the gifs :)


Most of the gifs here aren’t made by me, so please check the source, and ask the original posters! =)

- K

TAEMIN - Danger

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Day 637 of waiting completed! Welcome back Leader-nim :D

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wild and sexy

come back to your healthy and smiling self, 설리야 ♥

Happy Birthday Little Prince (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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Noona…you’re 23 (24) already? Maknae, you were just 16!!!!!! Wow. Well, I’d just like to say that you’ve grown up to be a very talented, beautiful, kind person and I want you to spread all sorts of knowledge to people in the future! People find you boring, I find you interesting. You’re so intelligent and I’m surprised you decided to sing instead of use all of your intelligence in a different job. But, hey, I’m not complaining! Thank you for being so amazing. You are so kind and sweet and I’m so thankful to be a fan of yours for almost 7 years. You mean so much to me. I love the way you complain about junk food, obsess over gogumas, use your intelligence to pick up a new language, and just try your best to do well. And you’re becoming dorkier every day! I hate how some people call you Seobot. HOW RUDE!!!!1!!!1!11 Y’know, when you start dating ((which i think has already happened lmao the president???), I think my life will be over. You’re the cutest person ever. I love your voice and while some people call it bland and boring, I find it to be nice and soothing. I remember when I first saw you in the ITNW music video and I was so amazed. You looked so young. You were also vERY PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was kind of jealous that someone so young like you was able to achieve your dream, but I also admired you. You’re such a great role model. Remember to smile on this special day and I hope you receive lots of love and happiness too! You mean a lot to SONE, Joohyun, and I hope you always think about how much we care about you. 사랑해요!

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Where are you? What are you doing? insp.

"I really loved singing so I wanted to become a singer, but I never imagined of becoming an idol, and just dreamed of being a singer that comes on TV. I wondered what I wanted to do for a living. So i thought, “a detective that sings?” and imagined that I wanted to be a detective and sing. But I really wanted to become a singer."

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As if I forgot you, I just start laughing
Spending nights with strange faces
Holding on to the end of the night as I dance
And when I think of you, it’s 1AM

Happy 7th Anniversary our dearest treasures! ♥

shinee choreo  basically how they all began

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snsd introducing themselves with their debut nicknames

2007 and now

abc of  my biases : luhan  when he do Sports.